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How to Make Money with Legitimate Business Opportunities Like LifePath Unlimited Home Business Opportunity

The Secret to Making Money with LifePath Unlimited Opportunity

By Jim Rivas

I had the unique a rare opportunity to market LifePath Unlimited products and opportunity in the very early days, beginning in early 2007. Selling a product line as great as LifePath Unlimited’s Discovery Series, Breakthrough, and Destiny before any of those products were completed, proved to be a challenge. Yet in spite of the odds , I was able to bank over $400K in my first year selling LifePath Products, with over $300,000 of that coming before the Discovery Series began shipping.

Before I get into how I did that, how you can sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of LifePath Products before they are even completely, follow me on a brief tour through my journey that led to becoming LifePath Unlimited distributor #0000001, a founding Visionary Leader.

I first entered the direct sales industry in late 2004 by joining a direct sales program with high profit points similar to LifePath, but with a financial education product delivered 100% online. In other words, there was no physical product shipped when one of my customers paid $1,295 to get started in that program. (This is one of the key benefits of LifePath Unlimited and the discovery series. More on this later). In the first 8 weeks I was involved in that program, I invested nearly $10,000 in advertising, and did not make a sale. However, little did I know, I had set in motion what was to become a legendary run of personal direst sales success.

Between February 2005 and March 2006, I earned over $1,000,000 in direct sales commissions in denominations of $1,000 and $5,000, (That company had not yet released their tier 3 product which generated a $10,000 commission). By January 2007, that business had netted me close to $3 million, not counting ancillary sales and income from other concurrent businesses.

So why would I leave that, and become a LifePath Unlimited Visionary? This decision may see insane to most; however, in my short tenure in the direct sales industries, and learned that most of those opportunities were in fact scams. Further, I became a student of personal development having realized how important self growth and improvement had been to my own success. And so I thought it was the most important information a new independent entrepreneur could have as part of their own training.

As a founding visionary of LifePath Unlimited I have had the great benefit and opportunity to watch this great company go from idea, to vision, to creation, to the highly polished and finished state that it is today.

LifePath Unlimited is the ONLY high price/profit point direct sales opportunity I would recommend to individuals who what to change their prosperity and quality of life, not only by becoming a student of the LifePath Unlimited products, but also by changing your wealth position as you capitalize on the extraordinary compensation plan and profit potential of the LifePath Unlimited Plan.

The Home Business 2.0 Analysis of LifePath Unlimited

A review of LifePath Unlimited, and how this organization stacks up to the Home Business 2.0 Business Selection Criteria*

Homebusiness 2.0 Criteria 1 – Concept ++++. (4/5)

Marketing personal development products in the direct sales industry is not new. There have been a few of successful direct sales opportunities that pre-dated LifePath Unlimited such as Liberty League International, Emerald Passport, and Wealth Masters. However  LifePath Unlimited brought a fresh new approach to the marketplace. Instead of shipping some sorry excuse of a product for the tier 1 entry point, LifePath Unlimited  ships a one of a kind high value personal development product called the Discovery Series and matches the physical product with the 56 days of Discovery online interactive transformational program. When you consider the quality of the upper tier programs Breakthrough and Destiny, what LifePath Unlimited has brought to the industry is indisputably the premier opportunity and product line for personal life transformation ever assembled.

In summary, LifePath Unlimited changed the game in the direct sales industry both for the quality of the products, revolutionary compensation plan, and comprehensive continuity program and community.

Home Business 2.0 Criteria 2 – Management & Leadership +++++ (5/5)

LifePath Unlimited is the brainchild of Joe Nied and Dave Mackenzie. Both Joe and Dave have extensive experience in both free enterprise and direct sales network marketing with the High Profit Point 3 product tier profit plans. These visionary individuals were not satisfied by merely creating a clone of the existing predecessor companies. Their quest was to create a company with standards that conform to Fortune 500 criteria in products, operational integrity, and marketing support/technology.

One thing that is obvious with even a casual look at Life Path’s various web properties is  the dedication to quality and excellence. Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie clearly had a vision of excellence in every aspect of LifePath Unlimited, and put their money where their vision was. The result, the very finest high profit point opportunity ever created.

In Summary, the founders of LifePath Unlimited, Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie had a vision of excellence for every aspect of LifePath Unlimited, and it shows!

Home Business 2.0 Criteria 3 – Products +++++ (5/5)

LifePath Unlimited has assembled 4 groundbreaking products that separates LifePath from all others.

You begin your LifePath journey with Awakening. Awakening is a video, available on line or in CD form, that picks up where the movie “The Secret” left off. It is the introduction to what you can expect from the LifePath Unlimited product line. At a cost of as little as $5.95 (for an online view), you will receive actionable information and guidance to begin your transformation to your apogee life.

When you decide to have more in life, more prosperity, more happiness, and more emotional intelligence, you will get started with LifePath Unlimited as a Discovery customer. The Discovery Series contains 2 parts. Discovery Series buyers receive the highly acclaimed 8 CD set delivered in a high quality professional package. What is contained on the 8 CD’s and the companion fifty six days of Discovery web-based training course is a complete personal development series that takes you through every important and relevant topic to your transformation including the Paths to Purpose, Power, Attraction, Results, Relationships, Wellness, Riches, and Liberation. This Discovery Series comes with a money back guarantee of satisfaction that is funded 100% by the company. The retailer earns a $1,000 of $1,695 sale price, yet in the event your customer is not 100% satisfied, the entire retail price is covered by LifePath Unlimited.

The Second step in your LifePath Unlimited journey is Breakthrough. The Breakthrough event is a high quality, live transformational event designed to take you on a journey to break through your limiting beliefs, and connect you with the basis of your power. The signature experience available to all Breakthrough attendees is Firewalk, where you will stroll across a bed of 2,000 degree coals using your newfound power to effortlessly take those all important steps into your new life, un encumbered with your prior limiting beliefs and fears which have limited your life until now.  The Breakthrough event produces big profits for LifePath Re-sellers as well, and we are talking about $5,000 profit per transaction, plus leverage (see compensation plan below). Your first Breakthrough ticket purchase costs $8,995 and is all inclusive for 1 attendee. Companion tickets are available as well.

The final step of the LifePath Unlimited Journey is another Live Transformational Event known as Destiny. Destiny is  as all inclusive, 5 day event held a truly exotic destinations world wide. Destiny events are designed to complete your transformation through connection to your inner source and ultimate power, and vanquish any remaining limiting beliefs or fears as you participate in ascension and the assimilation of the spiritual connections made possible because of the exotic destinations where Destiny is held. Destiny tickets produce huge, $9,000 profits for LifePath Unlimited Destiny Re-sellers for each direct sale, as well as passively from the uniquely powerful and profitable perpetual leverage compensation plan. As with Breakthrough, you only pay the full retail price of $14,995 for a Destiny Ticket for your first Destiny event (which also positions you at the top of the LPU pay plan).

In summary, if you want to increase the quality of your life and your prosperity, you turn to the premier Prosperity Development product line, offered by the premier Personal Development company, LifePath Unlimited.

Home Business 2.0 Criteria 4 – Compensation Plan Analysis++++++ (6/5)

When LifePath Unlimited founders Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie were crystalizing their vision for the company, they turned their attention to the compensation plan. After tinkering with a couple of hybrid models, mostly based on prior direct sales compensation plans, the LifePath Unlimited founders had a breakthrough.

With input from many Industry experts and top earners, LifePath Unlimited released a revolutionary compensation system known as the perpetual leverage system in the Spring of 2008. This was the final piece of the reseller opportunity masterpiece. This revolutionary compensation plan would make LifePath Unlimited the premier business opportunity in addition to being the premier Personal Development company. With this unique compensation plan in place, LifePath Unlimited became the top Prosperity Development provider in the marketplace. Not only was the company providing the best personal development content,  but now they offered the most powerful and profitable compensation system making LifePath Unlimited the undisputed big time earning power machine.

Here is what is unique about the LPU perpetual Leverage Income Plan. The LifePath Unlimited compensation plan  is different and  it fixes most of the problems that historically have seriously affected the direct sales network marketing marketplace. The plan provides for massive perpetual income, instant qualification to earn $1,000 per transaction commissions, and the elimination of the traditional 2 up type plan.

You can get the details of the LifePath unlimited compensation plan here.

In Summary, this plan is revolutionary, and provides the serious and aggressive entrepreneur with a steady stream of  $1,000, $5,000, and $9,000 profits for their efforts with a definitive Exist Strategy.

Home Business 2.0 Criteria 5 – Marketing Systems and Support ++++++ (5/5)

For those who join the LifePath Unlimited community as a re-seller/opportunity seeker, a key component which must be present is turnkey marketing options. After all, if you are going to make money with LifePath Unlimited or any other business opportunity for that matter, you must become a marketer. Marketing is an integral component to the sales process, and generating your own leads is critical to your success.

LifePath Unlimited is a clear leader in this arena. Firstly, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, LifePath developed a back end funnel marketing system called Mirror Image Marketing which gives the user a replicated marketing environment or web site, where you can send your prospects, and have them educated about the opportunity before you make contact with them. Mirror Image Marketing does a great job of presenting LifePath Unlimited in a positive light, and presents it as the premier Prosperity development company.

The key though, to making money, is the ability to drive traffic to your back end marketing system, so that the appropriate traffic becomes leads, or prospects for the marketer to talk to.  These leads are critical, to the success of every marketer’s business, and LifePath Unlimited’s exclusive relationship with the Joint Marketing Alliance provides the LifePath marketer a unique and powerful advantage in the marketplace. JMAP is the only system of its kind that makes it simple for the serious marketer to create many marketing portholes on the Internet to drive traffic to their LifePath business or Mirror Image Marketing Back end System.

In Summary, LifePath Unlimited once again displays it’s excellence as an opportunity provider by giving their users several commercial class options to generate leads and have a viable duplicable business that produces not only active income, but passive residual income as well.

Home Business 2.0 Criteria 6 – Community/Continuity/Support ++++++ (5/5)

At the center of the original vision for LifePath Unlimited was the creation of an active community. In fact it is the active community that brings ultimate value to LifePath Unlimited. This community, and the myriad of support calls represents a continuity environment whereby each community member benefits greatly from  having this environment in place.

In summary, LifePath Unlimited is a prosperity development company featuring personal development products and serious business support products and services which creates the ultimate environment for success.

As Top Tier Executive Income Opportunities go, LifePath Unlimited receives the highest score possible, a Home Business 2.0 25/25. What this means to you, is that if you are looking to make serious income, making money right now, with large commissions per transaction, LifePath Unlimited is your best bet. LPU has great leadership, highly credible and useful products, a powerful community, and comprehensive success tools. All that is required for you success is your effort and coach ability

Disclaimer: Home Business 2.0 provides independent reviews of various Home Business and Franchise opportunities based on a pre-selected criteria set that differs from most “Review Sites” in that we look at an opportunity truly from a business Perspective. If you are serious about making money from  home, you want to learn how to make money with your home business by running it like a traditional business, and Home Business 2.0 is your guide and standard bearer if that is your quest.

Take Action Now:

The Easy way is to call me (Jim Rivas) at   Toll Free US and Canada (504-208-9341 us direct) or email me at

What Makes LifePath Unlimited such a STRONG Income Opportunity, and Why You Should Take A Serious Look at LifePath Unlimited, if you actually Want To Make Serious Money.

Lifepath Unlimited Review

What is it that makes LifePath Unlimited such a STRONG Income Opportunity, and Why You Should Take A Serious Look at LifePath Unlimited, if you actually Want To Make Serious Money.

LifePath Unlimited Independent Third Party Assessment and Review

LifePath Unlimited Review by Home Business 2.0 (.net)

LifePath Unlimited is a Direct Sales style LPU Home Business opportunity for the individuals who are motivated and seeking an executive level income. LifePath products are world class and are worth the retail price without consideration of the LPU Home Business opportunity. The Leadership team is experienced with this type of business model, and successful savvy entrepreneurs in their own right. The LifePath Unlimited community and continuity program are unique and make membership in LifePath worth the asking price in and of itself. For re-sellers and recruiters, the compensation plan is a dream. The only program in the industry with a real exit strategy, LifePath Unlimited is the premier income machine available in the marketplace. The Mirror Image marketing platform and JMAP system gives LifePath Unlimited members the most unique and distinctive advantage in the industry. There is no such thing as free lunch, or free executive level income, and LifePath unlimited is not different. Success requires a professional level sales effort. Yet, for those seeking a fast track to a multiple 6 figure and even 7 figure incomes, LifePath Unlimited deserves serious consideration.
Elements of this review

Home Business 2.0 (.net) provides reviews of varies opportunities based on specific criteria, product quality (and stand alone retail ability), management team and leadership, support activity and community, compensation plan, marketing systems and plan, overall income potential, degree of difficulty of success, Startup Cost, and Startup Cost compared with income opportunity (ROI).

Our overall scores are as follows:

Product Quality 4.5/5

Retail ability 4/5

Management Team 5/5

Re-seller support 5/5

Compensation Plan 6/5 (extraordinary)

Marketing Systems 5/5

Ease of Success 3.5/5

Startup Cost 5

Income and Return on Investment Potential 5.


LifePath Unlimited founder Joe Neid calls LifePath Unlimited “Networking for Grown Ups”, and this statement is very accurate. When compared with traditional MLM’s, LifePath’s ability to produce a return on investment is extra ordinary. Instead of spreading the product investment out over months and months, LifePath Unlimited does require potential re-seller, to purchase the high margin products in order to become qualified to earn commissions selling them. The fact is that you do not have to purchase the products, in order to sell them; however it is strongly in your favor to do so, as the alternative means at least 5 “pass up” sales to get qualified. Our general recommendation is that you not get started in LifePath Unlimited without the proper capital to purchase at least the Discovery Series, and have a few thousand dollars for marketing. The preferred way to get started is as a Destiny Mentor, yet the cost of Destiny entry is north of $23K, so you must do what you can afford. Either way, when you see how easy it is to make a $250,000+ per year income compared with traditional MLM, you will see the investment is well worth it.

Some people though think that the high priced program like LifePath is much more expensive than the typical MLM. That is not true. The difference is that the product purchase costs are more spread out over time. See the compensation plan review for a couple of examples of the power of LifePath Unlimited’s compensation plan vs. a typical MLM plan.
LifePath Unlimited Products and Quality:

Awakening (Retail $4.95 viewed online)

Awakening the movie reveals the  new secrets showing you how to find your true purpose and passion in life, take control of your own destiny and achieve the amazing success you deserve. Many believe that LifePath Unlimited’s Awakening picks up where The Secret leaves off. It is a Hollywood Quality production that includes Actionable information and ideas that will awaken your spirit and inspire you to explore new possibilities in your life. Available for online instant viewing or as a DVD/CS set for only $24.95.

Discovery Series (Retail $1,695/$1,000 profit)

The Discovery Series is a proprietary 8 CD set with an accompanying online interactive multi-media fifty six days of Discovery course which covers a wide spectrum of important personal development issues. Discovery is the foundation of the entire LifePath Unlimited experience and the company’s flagship product. The content includes 14 enlightened individuals (the luminaries) which include best-selling authors, scientists, PhD’s and globally recognized specialists in personal and prosperity development. This course set will teach you to unlock your unlimited potential and will assist you to reveal the secrets of abundance, prosperity and ultimate success. The Discovery Series is the perfect product for new entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs alike.

The Breakthrough Event (Retail $8,995/$5,000 profit)

Breakthrough is LifePath Unlimited’s exclusive, all-inclusive three-day personal development event held annually at fabulous vacation resorts. The event format is engaging and highly interactive, featuring life-changing sessions with world-class inspirational speakers, motivational trainers, and incredible mind-,body-, and spirit-elevating exercises plus LifePath’s unique proprietary  transformational technology. The main event or centerpiece and highlight of Breakthrough is a session called “Fire-Walk” where you will advance beyond your innermost fears and leave your limiting beliefs behind. Aside from being a lot of fun, and an opportunity to network with global top earners, Breakthrough’s content will change your life.

The Destiny Event (Retail $14,995/$9,000 profit)

The LifePath Unlimited Destiny Conference is a Five-Day Life-Shaking Event. This  lavish five-day event held at exotic destinations like Paris, Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Egypt, is the culmination of the LifePath Unlimited experience and fully manifests our culture of abundance, prosperity, joy, and celebration. We are talking about a completely transformational experience like no other, designed to let you realize a peak level of your personal power and transcend limits to a whole new way of being. At the Destiny event, you will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from some of the most empowered, enlightened and successful individuals on the planet. But that’s just the beginning. You see at Destiny the game is always on, and you are participating and playing in what is perhaps the world’s most dynamic and involving life-exhilarating five day transformational process. The event is high energy and high paced to usher in new levels of transformation and enlightenment. Destiny is for those individuals who want to take their lives to the pinnacle of their capabilities.

Quality Evaluation of LifePath Unlimited Products

LifePath Unlimited products are world-class. The company spared no expense creating the very best top shelf personal development products and events ever assembled and offered in one place. The closest competition would be Anthony Robbins; however, the only person that makes money on Anthony Robbins events is Anthony Robbins. With LifePath Unlimited, LPU re-sellers earn handsome profits for marketing the LifePath Product line.

Retail Ability of Products 4/5

This section is all about the value quotient of the LifePath Unlimited Products, and whether or not the products would sell in a pure retail environment. It is important to note that most information products assembled for Direct Sales Network marketing companies are of poor quality and were generally assembled only to make the transaction of high profit commerce legal. LifePath Unlimited is clearly different in this regard.

While LifePath Unlimited products are world-class and life changing, the personal development/self help product field is large. There are many speakers, prominent names like Anthony (Tony) Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Mitch Axelrod, Dr. Steven Covey, Mark Victor Hansen, Deepok Chopra, Jack Canfield, just to name a few. And for each of these powerhouse names there are 100 “minors” some good, some not so good. LifePath Unlimited was wise to assemble the 14 luminaries that they did, staying away from the huge names, as that would have made Discovery so expensive no one could afford it. Yet the Discovery Series is delivered by very capable and highly enlightened individuals, most of whom are students of the greats, who bring a more contemporary approach to personal development education.

The bottom line is the LifePath Unlimited products are worth the money. In fact the company believes so strongly in them, that the Discovery Series is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This is unheard of in the direct sales network marketing industry, and is a clear indication of the quality of the Discovery Series product. Simply stated if you are not satisfied with the Discovery Series after completing the 56 days of Discovery online component, you can receive a full refund. And the company backs that refund completely; the re-seller does not loose their profits on the sale.

The LifePath Unlimited Events, Breakthrough and Destiny, are extremely unique and interactive. They are also priced competitively when compared with say an equivalent event by Tony Robbins or Jack Canfield. Since this author has personally attended a Breakthrough event, I can attest to its quality and uniqueness, as I have also attended some far more expensive personal development events which I did not like as much. As a result I would recommend retailing these products to business owners as they generally do not have easy access to this type of content and self improvement in a high energy community environment. You are and behave like those you surround yourself with, and small business owners generally are stuck with their employees, or the country club crowd.

LifePath Unlimited Management Team 5/5

LifePath was founded by Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie, two very experienced entrepreneurs in general business, personal development, and the type of business model the LifePath Unlimited employs. They are knowledge-able, accessible, and visionary. It was their vision and pursuit of excellence which led to the creation of the high end opportunity, product line, and community that is LifePath Unlimited.

Their level of dedication to the LifePath community and to constantly pushing the envelope to bring the very best of what is available in the marketplace for re-sellers is legendary. And the company compensation plan in simply the very best. This management team knows how to navigate the difficult waters of an off economy as well as manage massive prosperity.

The fact that LifePath Unlimited has been in business over 5 years is a testament to Joe and Dave’s skill and prowess. During a time when 90% of their competitors folded, the founders of LifePath Unlimited, Joe Neid, and Dave Mackenzie, successfully pivoted their business, and made the necessary adjustments to remain the leader in their industry.

And when it comes to creating the right climate for a massively profitable LPU Home Business opportunity, this management team is tops. And when you get right down to it, when you are selecting a LPU Home Business opportunity, your objective is to make money, so ideally you want leaders such as Joe and Dave who are sales, profits, and results driven.

LifePath Unlimited Re-seller support and Community 5/5

Most network marketing companies rely nearly 100% on the distributors to train and support their teams/organizations. This of course leads to a wide array of skills sets and lots of “orphans” (re-sellers who have sponsors who are not active in the business and no where to turn for help).. LifePath Unlimited is a far different experience. The company offers a full schedule of support and training webinars on a daily basis providing the re-sellers solid and actionable training with which to build their businesses.

The other HUGE advantage to LifePath Unlimited is the culture or community. This author was first schooled in that concept by Mr. Joe Neid himself, and he is legendary when it comes to leading a conference call, motivating an audience, and inspiring people to action.

But of equal importance is the ongoing value that is provided from the company level with LifePath community calls held weekly where members share their stories of success, their challenges, and the benefits they receive from being community members. The closeness of the LifePath community is obvious at the company’s events. Most people who attend live events actually meet for the first time at the live events, yet they are already great friends through interaction in the virtual community that has been created by the company.

Of all the companies that Home Business 2.0 (.net) has reviewed, LifePath Unlimited provides the most dynamic and supportive community support environment in the industry as well as extensive member information via LifePath Unlimited News. What this means for you as a distributor is that you may be working in your home office by yourself building your business, you are never alone. You always have a place to go, and people who will help.

Compensation Plan 6/5 (extraordinary)

Face it, the bottom line when selecting any LPU Home Business opportunity to participate in is “the bottom line”. The ONLY reason to start a business is make money, so when you evaluate different business opportunities, it is imperative that you understand the compensation plan, and how much profit potential exists for you in the short term and long term.

Short term profits are critical, and this is where the traditional MLM fails its members badly. Cash flow is king in any business, and if you continue to spend money buying product in an MLM over time, without bringing in cash flow to at least offset your ongoing investment, you won’t be in business for long. That is why this author favors the high price point, high profit point businesses. You get your product investment out of the way up front, and so it does not continue to drain you month in and month out.

LifePath Unlimited’s Compensation Plan Review 6/5

Pure Profit Power.

There are many ways to make money with your own business and formal business opportunities like LifePath Unlimited. The question you must ask yourself is do you want to get the kind of income that will produce a lifestyle of choice now, or later? The following examples, making your first $1,000  and making $250,000 per year are provided here for your consideration.

Here are the profit points with LifePath Unlimited products as used in the following examples.

Awakening $4.95 per online view

Discovery $1,000 per sale

Breakthrough $5,000 per sale

Destiny $9,000 per sale.
Example 1 – Your First $1,000 dollars.

MLM company with a $100 per month auto-ship requirement. In this case 12 months = $1,200; 24 months = $2,400. In this type of MLM, max payout on volume is typically around 8% on group volume (your group). So to break even you need to retail sales of  $1,250 per month, or 13 people on $100 per month auto ship. In order to make $1,000 in your first 90 days, you would have to have a group volume of $16,250.

Compare that with purchasing LifePath Unlimited’s Discovery Series for $1,695. You pocket your first $1,000 on your first sale. In the MLM case, you have to build an organization with 162 people in it! If you were earning $1,000 per sale you would make $162,000 for the same effort. Something to think about hugh? (It is our experience that it requires roughly the same amount of time to recruit, train, and support a distributor or team member, regardless of how much they spent to join your business)

Example 2 – $250,000 per year income

To earn $250K with LifePath Unlimited, you could simply recruit 250 Discovery customers. However, there is a far easier way. For this example we are going to assume you are Destiny Qualified for LifePath Unlimited, and that you started your MLM at the supervisor level ($2,000 investment typically). Supervisor level earns 10% instead of 8%. The percentage varies with companies, and some MLM companies offer specific bonuses; however, because those vary widely by company, they will not be considered for this simple analysis. As you will see, you will need significant bonuses to approach the earning power of LifePath. If you were to survey many MLM veterans you will find they spent 6-10 years in a company to build an income approaching $250,000 per year. This author earned $987,000 my first year in direct sales with a pay plan similar to LifePath’s.

LifePath to earn $250K begins with selling 60 Discoveries per year for $60,000 income. In the Direct Sales industry with the 3 product model, 1/3 of the people who purchase the tier 1 product purchase the tier 2 product, and half of those people purchase the tier 3 product. So doing that math, 20 x $5,000 = $100,000 for tier 2 sales. Tier 3 commissions would be 10 x $9,000 = $90,000; for a grand total of $250,000. These commission results are based only on personal production. The fact is that with the LifePath Unlimited perpetual leverage plan, 60 personally sponsored Discovery members would produce 2 times that amount of income in a typical year.

So let’s take a look at what it takes with an MLM with a $100 per month auto-ship and you earning 12% commissions on gross sales volume as a supervisor. The math of this is easy; $250,000 / 0.12 = $2,083,333 in gross sales for the year. If you break that down into $100 per month auto ships that 20,000 people in the organization. That’s not likely to happen in a year; or 2 years, or 3 years, maybe 4 if you are aggressive.

Clearly the Power of LifePath Unlimited perpetual leverage compensation plan blows  traditional MLM away (Networking for grown ups? …Networking for profit seekers is more like it). Residual income is good, and LifePath Unlimited’s perpetual leverage compensation system will set you up for Big Residuals. And we are talking about passive $5,000 and $9,000 paydays (nice).

Now, if you use the JMAP technology recently brought in by LifePath, you will be treated to the world of multi-streamed income; or many ways to monetize your leads, and make money even if your prospect can not afford to step into LifePath right away. With the JMAP system and opportunity you can show your prospects how to start earning money that will ultimately pay their way into LifePath Unlimited.

This author must reveal that I am an avid fan of LifePath Unlimited, and that my reviews of LifePath are a bit biased; but only because I have made several hundred thousand dollars selling LifePath Products and have personally gained much value from their products.

LifePath Unlimited Marketing Systems 5/5

All top tier professional business opportunities offer high quality effective marketing systems. The Internet is here to stay and most of the Big stories, the stories of new millionaires being created, come from the Internet, or at least marketing on the Internet.

LifePath Unlimited offers a front end traffic driving system and a back end funnel system. When used in tandem these two systems provide a powerful 1-2 punch that no other LPU Home Business opportunity offers from a company package perspective.

The front end system is called JMAP (Joint Marketing Alliance Platform), and it provides a simple way for even the beginner marketer to create high ranking Internet properties for lead generation. Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and the ability to create lead generating properties is critical to your long term success in your LPU Home Business opportunity. JMAP provides you an easy way to promote pseudo replicated websites that feed directly into the back end system and funnel called Mirror Image Marketing.

The Mirror Image Marketing system provides a user defined funnel that is based on a funded proposal where your potential customer self selects by buying an inexpensive product (that you earn money on), and scheduling an interview with you. When your prospect selects this action, they have fully qualified themselves as serious.

LifePath Unlimited provides best 1-2 punch in the industry when it comes to marketing systems, and that should not come as a surprise to those who do a thorough evaluation of business opportunities. Most opportunities believe their obligation for marketing support ends when you have purchased their products. With LifePath Unlimited marketing systems, training, and support you are getting a near franchise marketing machine which will greatly enhanced your success.

Ease of Success in the LifePath Unlimited Business  3.5/5

LifePath Unlimited is an Executive Level Income machine. So it is important to understand that any LPU Home Business opportunity which can produce an executive level income, especially in the first year require effort. Part of that effort is advertising and marketing. You either use paid advertising to generate leads, or build your own Internet Real Estate with the JMAP system.

Generating/acquiring leads is only part of the equation. In order to be successful you must contact your leads and build a relationship with them. This means phone contact, and while for most people phone contact with strangers produces anxiety, this author has found through lots of practice that it is actually fun. The rule of thumb is to have 10 quality conversations per day if you want to earn an executive level income. So your efforts must be balanced between generating leads and contacting those leads.

In fact in any marketing LPU Home Business opportunity, this is the business. And this is what makes LifePath Unlimited attractive. The products are in place. They systems are in place. All you have to do is the sales and marketing and you keep most of the revenue as your profit; and we are talking about big profits.

No business success is easy, and we NEVER hand out an ease of success score of 5/5 because that would represent having to do no work and raking money in. Nothing worth wild happens like that. However, when you consider the rewards, it’s worth the effort. Just for a frame of reference, starting a small traditional business would be a 0.5/5 on the ease scale. A 0/5 means impossible, so LifePath’s 3.5/5 score indicates that all of the key pieces are in place, and that all you have to apply is the effort in order to have success.

LifePath Unlimited Startup Cost 5

The Startup cost score is simply a sliding scale between 0 and 5, with 5 being a top tier opportunity, 0 being a free LPU Home Business opportunity, and a LPU Home Business opportunity costing $1,000 to get started is a 2/5.

LifePath Unlimited is a top tier opportunity which offers the highest profit margins and commissions in the industry, and that is why the startup costs (for products) are also at the top. Do not be discouraged by this as it is the high profits available through the high profit point retail product prices, are what make LifePath Unlimited such a high profit LPU Home Business opportunity.

Income and Return on Investment Potential for LifePath Unlimited 5/5

If you want a business that will pay you like an executive this year, then you have to get started in a LPU Home Business opportunity which can generate the kind of profits that generate big cash flows. LifePath is just such a LPU Home Business opportunity.

When considering return on investment, think of what an equivalent investment can do in other investments. Firstly realize that you would be hard pressed to start a traditional business that will pay you and executive level income this year or next year for less than $100,000 in startup capital. In fact, it is normally considered a benchmark that any business you start should be able to generate a $250,000 per year income for the owner in 5 years. Following this comparative business metric and criteria, LifePath Unlimited’s profit potential puts you way ahead of that curve.

Not everyone is going to make an executive level income in LifePath Unlimited or any other business. In fact many people make nothing in their LPU Home Business opportunity of choice. Just understand though that your results will always vary, and be directly linked to your efforts and focus. Remember executives are highly effective people. LifePath Unlimited’s Discovery Series will give you a great start to being a more power effective individual which is why we believe it is perhaps the most important product you can acquire when first going into business. Most businesses fail because the owner is low in emotional intelligence, and high on ineffective habits. Joining LifePath can Change that for you, and in a hurry.

It took this author 2 months of hard work and several thousand dollars in advertising before I made my first $1,000 commission. However, 12 months later I had banked a little less than $1,000,000. I started at the tier 1 level, and used profits from the business to expand, and upgrade products.

When I got started in LifePath though, I went in full boat, at the Destiny Level, and that made it possible to make over $500,000 in my first 6 months when the company was in it’s infancy.

Since then I have participated in lower cost MLM’s and various programs, and realized that it was far easier to make an executive level income marketing a high profit product like LifePath Unlimited than it was trying to find and recruit hundreds, even thousands of individuals into MLM’s.

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If LifePath Unlimited was a stock on the exchange, I would say Buy! Even in this economy, it’s a buy, with only 1 caveat. If you are not going to apply first rate effort then, stay out of business; don’t sign up with any LPU Home Business opportunity’ get a job instead. However, if you are an entrepreneur and you want to make big bucks, LifePath Unlimited is the bests choice available.

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What Makes LifePath Unlimited such a STRONG Income Opportunity, and Why You Should Take A Serious Look at LifePath Unlimited, if you actually Want To Make Serious Money.

Lifepath Unlimited Review

Legitimate Online Home Business Ideas for Big Instant Commissions

Legitimate Online Home Business Ideas for Big Instant Commissions

Legitimate New way to bank $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $9,000 or more in 1 transaction is finally here … it’s commercial grade!

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Do you have a Franchise in the Desert?Did you know that when you  sign up for any online or home based networking opportunity that you just purchased a franchise in the desert? That’s exactly right. Unless you have a list or are going to build your business with warm market, every dime you spent was on your desert franchise.The ONLY way to turn that desert franchise into an OASIS, with huge highways full thirsty customers heading your way, is to know how to (which means you have to learn how to) drive traffic to your website, pay someone else to do it for you($$$), buy mostly crummy leads ($$), or this new option.

Here’s what’s even more shocking …

People every day part with big money to get into a high price point opportunity, only to discover that all of the carbon copies and mirror images in the world are USELESS without traffic coming into them. So essentially, you shell out the big bucks, and then have to shell out equal or greater dollars to get customers to your “franchise”.

There is a better way …

Now, you can pay once and get BOTH!

You see, what if the franchise was a traffic generator? What if you had simple tools, so simple an 8th grader can use them. And what if those simple tools were the Interface between you and a massive Internet Presence, the highways that bring big traffic to your store.

That is really the only difference between successful home business operators and unsuccessful ones, traffic to custom created web properties, to personally branded properties.

And no other turnkey system on earth gives you the capabilities to quickly brand yourself, and create a huge ORGANIC (which means Free Traffic) Internet Presence.

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Legitimate Online Home Business Ideas

Have you ever stopped and wondered what constitutes legitimate online home business ideas? Many marketers and online home business companies tout legitimacy; however, what is the true definition?

While some may argue that Legitimate online home business ideas simply don’t exist, there are a few opportunities, companies, and product lines that actually conform to the traditional high integrity commercial business model.

However, in the online home business arena, many are not based on legitimate ideas.

Here are the questions, the acid test questions, you should ask yourself to determine if an opportunity supports legitimate online home business ideas.

  • Is the business an online business with an e-commerce backbone, or are they just using the internet to generate leads?
  • Is there a real product?
  • Will end user consumers buy it without joining the opportunity?
  • CAN an end user consumer buy the products without joining the opportunity?
  • Will commercial enterprises buy the products from you?
  • Will educated professionals buy the products from you?
  • What is the nature of the pitch required to sell just the product, if it exists?
  • What is the nature of the sales pitch required to sell the opportunity? Does the rep talk about making money or buying the products or both?
  • Would you buy their products from a store at the asking price?

These are just a few of the critical questions to ask to determine if an opportunity conforms to Legitimate online home business ideas and standards.

Be careful though … because what you are most likely to encounter is something that deep inside doesn’t make business sense. Your voice of reason may shout out that  “these are not legitimate online home business ideas” after you realize that in order to buy a product from say an MLM or network marketing company, you are essentially being asked to buy a store … a franchise.

If you had to buy groceries, you would go to a grocery store, and buy what you need, and leave. That is what we know as normal commerce. Just like if you make an online purchase, you go to the site in question, pick out your products, and buy them.

In the opportunity world though, too many companies don’t ask you to just buy their products. Actually, they want you to buy the store. It would be like having to buy your own grocery store in order to get your groceries. That’s pretty crazy, right? Yet, if I was recruiting you into any of a number opportunities, I would be asking you to do the same thing … right?

Is that a legitimate business? Are those legitimate online home business ideas? … what is your Voice of Reason Saying?

Want to learn more about the online home business industry, and what are legitimate ideas, and what are not … grab a copy of this e-book for free.

How 4 More Lucky People will get Exclusive Internet Page 1 Space in 30 days …

You may have been receiving emails from me about our new Internet Atomic Weapons over the last few weeks. Early results are in. Well they are not that early really, because our prototypes are KILLING IT; getting Google page 1 rank, in less than 24 hours in some cases, on hundreds of web properties; with the click of a mouse. OK, 7 clicks of a mouse.

Two weeks ago we put out a challenge and offered 20 market exclusives on High Traffic Opportunity Keywords for those who completed the challenge. Participants received a FULLY installed and customized Blog designed to generate multiple streams of income like this one. Plus hands on support from IBP and Internet Marketing experts.

Let me say that again … I didn’t say TRAINING, or LEARNING, or INTERNET VIDEO LIBRARY … I said hands on support as in Commercial Service for the participants.

We have already shaved at least a year off of the challengers “Time to Money” from the Internet, and we are getting ready shave another year or two off. AND this is from FREE TRAFFIC, not PPC, CPA, or PPV.

As it turns out, there are a few more highly relevant keywords in this market niche that should be exploited. You can sell anything, any opportunity or relevant affiliate product in this market space.

SO WE ARE TAKING 4 MORE CHALLENGERS, AND ONLY FOUR for this turn key Internet Niche Market Domination Exercise. It’s a $4,000 value. If you think that’s a lot, then you are not ready to start making the kind of money IBP will bring you.

And here is your chance to get in on this for half of what the current challengers paid for their positions within our company.

Sure you can make from $50 – $16,000 in 1transaction and/or $2,000 plus $500 per month Commercial Commissions (the only place that offers that kind of income spread on the marketplace).

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IMAGINE binging a business that is … a BUSINESS! A Commercial business like nothing you have ever seen before! No trying to convince someone to buy something of little immediate value in order to get in.

This was architected by people Like You and Like me Who want MORE, and who don’t want to compromise ourselves to get it.

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